Kuwaiti singer renounces Islam

In a video posted on her social media profile, Ibtisam Hamid, better known as Basma Al-Kuwaiti, claimed that she has left Islam and converted to Judaism. Al-Kuwaiti said, "I am Ibtisam Hamid, also known as Kuwaiti singer Basma Al-Kuwaiti. I declare my apostasy from Islam."
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She further said, "Islam is a religion of terror and a religion of hypocrisy, which despises women, oppresses and violates them, and does not give them their full rights and I am proud to say I am Jewish."
Al-Kuwaiti denounced Kuwait's ruling Al-Sabah family for refusing to normalize relations with Israel.
"I also declare my opposition to - and not belonging to - the Al-Sabah family, which rejects normalisation, freedom of religion and freedom of opinion. I show neither loyalty nor affiliation to them," she said.
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