Communal tension: Temple vandalized, Hindus beaten over land dispute in UP

In Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh (UP), members of the Muslim community vandalized the temple over the land dispute. Local Hindu families were also beaten by the mob. Families alleged that the mob molested the women also. The Muslim mob has threatened to set fire the Hindu houses after the incidence.
Communal tension- Temple  
(Photo Credit: Newstrack Hindi, UP)
Hindu families are under fear after the violence erupted. Meanwhile, the UP Police registered a case against the four accused and arrested two people. A few days ago, a mob of a Muslim community started occupying the land belonged to Kushwah community. When members of the community opposed them, a mob brutally beat them.
Members of the Hindu community said that they have already alerted local police about the attack, but the police ignored it. After the incidence, all shops in the area were closed down. Meanwhile, the police constructed the vandalized wall of the temple.
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