Kerala HC dismisses Church priest's bail plea to marry a girl who was raped by him

High Court (HC) of Kerala dismissed the Catholic Priest Robin Vadakkumchery's bail plea. Catholic Priest Robin requested HC to grant bail so that he can marry the girl who was raped by him.
Kerala HC dismisses Churc 
Dismissing the plea, the High Court has said that no compromise can be done nor can a lenient view be accepted in matters related to sexual offences. The Court reportedly cited the trial court’s finding that the survivor was a minor during the time of the assault, stating that it still remains and that granting bail to the priest and allowing them to get married would be like giving it legal sanctity.
While studying in Class 11 in a church school in Kannur, the 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by Catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery, who was then manager in the school.
Initially, the Church and Catholic priest Robin had immensely pressurised the victim's family and had even forced her father to confess that he was the one who raped and impregnated his daughter. But later, the victim’s family alleged that were pressurised and threatened by the Church. DNA tests later conducted had also concluded that Robin was the father of the child.
After his conviction, Catholic priest Robin moved the High Court with a bail plea. However, the prosecution had vehemently opposed the plea in the Court. “We cannot encourage such suggestions because every rape convict will tell they want to marry the survivor,” Public Prosecutor Suman Chakravarti had told.
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