Christians express concern after church attack in Bangladesh

Christians expressed concern about the inaction of Bangladesh Government after a Protestant church was reportedly vandalized and looted. On Feb. 10, four Muslims allegedly entered the Emmanuel Church of Bangladesh located in the Aditmari Upazila and vandalized it.
Christians express concerAttackers damaged the church’s sign and cut down trees. After breaking the lock, the attackers entered the church and took 30 chairs and two-floor mats. Lovlu S. Levy, the community’s pastor, claimed that the violence was incited during local Islamic assemblies, during which, he said, hate speeches have been delivered against Christians.
While speaking with the Union of Catholic Asian News, Levy said that the attack on the parish was not the first religious abuse he has experienced. When Islamic militancy was on the rise in 2015, he said, he received death threats, and, in 2019, he was assaulted by a group of Muslims on the way to work. He said the church’s 46 members have been living in fear since the incident.
“I have been in a panic since the attack. Our Constitution allows freedom of religion in the country but fundamentalists have put the freedom under threat,” Levy said.
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