Three inscriptions of Jain religion found in Ankol taluk of Karnataka

Karwar, Feb 1: In a major development, three inscriptions have been found in a village under Ankola taluk. This will result to bring in more evidence of the dominance of the Jain religion in Uttara Kannada district. These are Nisidhi inscriptions that are dedicated to people who performed Sallekhana.
3 Inscriptions of Jain Re 
The inscriptions dating back to 12th century were found in Sunkasala village by archaeologist Shyamsunder Gouda opposite Ramalingeshwara temple, which throws more light on Sallekana (fasting to the death) considered as a way to cleanse the soul of the sins in this birth.
However, the inscriptions found in Sunkasala have been partially damaged as the temple administration, in a bid to preserve them, made the base concrete. The architecture of Nisadhis found here is called a single-stage inscription, with Jinas sitting in the middle and devotees listening to him. All the three Nisadhis are similar but clearly differs a bit in the age of the inscriptions.
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