Researchers to publish paper on content of Islam in Indian WhatsApp Groups

Researchers from IIT-Kharagpur and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that major content of Islam got viral in many Indian WhatsApp groups. In the first large-scale study done by IIT, it was observed that over two million messages in more than 5,000 Indian WhatsApp groups got viral.

Researchers to publish pa 
Dr. Kiran Garimella, researcher from MIT said, “We manually curated a dataset of 27,000 posts, out of which about 8,000 were controversial speeches.” He further added that, “On this issue the paper would be presented at the Web Conference 2021”
Researchers identified eight subjects on which most of the post, articles and videos got viral. They are - Muslim exploitation of Dalits, Kerala riots, Islamisation of Bengal, UPSC jihad, women mistreated in Islam and Muslim population.
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