Famous Blogger Ridvan Aydemir criticises Islam again

A well-known blogger and You Tuber Ridvan Aydemir criticised Prophet Muhammad once again on social media. However, after his criticism, he has received mix replies from netizens. In his recent tweet, he said, “If everyone was more like Jesus, the world would be more peaceful. If everyone was more like Muhammad, we would be killing and enslaving each other like crazy.”

Famous Blogger Ridvan Ayd 
Ridvan Aydemir is known as ‘Apostate Prophet’ on social media. He is an Ex-Muslim Turkish-German. On his social media profile, he frequently shares his thoughts and critiques against Islam. In One of his previous tweet, he said that, “When we talk about Islam in the public sphere, we usually talk about danger, violence, intolerance, hate, morally questionable things, the mistreatment of women and minorities, etc. That is not a coincidence.”
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