Three generation of family from Jain community become monks

Three generations of a single family belonging to the Jain community have
decided to become monks. Six people from a single-family took Deeksha
in Nageshwara Pashwa Bhairava Jain temple at Avaragere on the outskirts of the city

Three generation of singl 
Varadichand Ji (Age 75), son Ashok Kumar Jain (47), daughter-in-law Bhavana Ashok Jain (45), grandchildren Pakshal Jain (17), Jinak Kumar Jain (15) and Lakhakumar Jain (23) took Deeksha, the first step of their initiation into monkhood as per Jainism.
Jain community leader Goutham Jain said that they transferred immovable properties to their relatives legally before taking Deeksha. They donated cash, gold and other ornaments to people. At present, they have only 13 things including cloth, broomstick and other essential things. He said that they would walk barefeet for about eight months in a year and teach the principles of non-violence.
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