Research proves extremists like ISIS terrorists may suffer worse cognitive abilities

According to the new study, people with extreme views who endorse violence towards others may suffer from worse cognitive abilities including working memory. Researchers from the University of Cambridge held the study named ‘The cognitive and perceptual correlates of ideological attitudes: a data-driven approach,’ which was published online on, Feb. 22, 2021.

Research proves extremist 
The study led scientists to believe that a person’s deep-rooted psychology has a great deal to do with their political thinking. Researchers said, “People who held extreme views in favour of their own ‘group,’ supporting violence against others outside the group, were found to have worse working memory, were slower to perceive new information, and tended to be more impulsive.”
Researchers studied a group of 334 US residents by administering 37 cognitive tests which had nothing to do with politics or ideology – assessing factors like working memory and evidence-gathering skills.
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