Woman born to Muslim man & Buddhist woman wins appeal to be declared as non-Muslim

A Malaysian woman who was born to a Muslim father and a Buddhist mother finally won her five-year-long legal battle to be declared a non-Muslim. Majority of the judges decided that the facts showed both she and her mother were never Muslims.
Woman Born to Muslim Man  
According to the report, a nine-judge panel of Federal Court headed by Chief Justice Tun Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat including other six judges unanimously decided that the evidence showed that she was born illegitimate and that the facts do not show her as being a Muslim.
Citing the Court’s decision in the case of M. Indira Gandhi where the Hindu mother successfully challenged her Muslim convert ex-husband’s unilateral conversion of their children to Islam, Tengku Maimun said that this meant Ibrahim (Father) similarly could not under secular law have the right to unilaterally decide the religion for his then infant daughter as he did in his 1994 written application for Rosliza’s identity card. Rosliza’s identity card currently bears the word Islam.
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