Poor woman donates Rs. 1 lakh for ‘Anna Dan’ to Sri Guru Narasimha Temple

A poor woman named Ashwathamma (Age-65) donated Rs. 1 lakh for ‘Annadan’ (free food serving) to Sri Guru Narasimha Temple located in Saligrama town of Karnataka. She handed over the amount to the Temple Manager Nagaraja Hande and Chief Priest Janardhana Adiga on February 4. Also, she claimed that she has donated Rs. 7.5 lakhs to various temples like Sabarimala.

Poor Woman Donates Rs. 1  
According to the report, Ms. Ashwathamma has lost her daughter and children earlier. To fulfil her daily needs, she has been begging in front of Sri Guru Narasimha Temple in Udupi District. Devotees called her ‘Aaji’ and used to help her in different ways. She donated Rs. 1 lakh for ‘Annadan’, which is scheduled on February 9 in the Temple. ‘Annadan’ is considered as one of the supreme donation in Hindu culture.
Temple managing committee member K. Ananta Padmanabha Aithal said that, management has arranged a night stay for her inside the Temple complex where two security guards would be present to ensure her safety.
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