Former Waqf Board Chairman files petition in SC for removal of 26 verses of Quran

Syed Waseem Rizvi, former Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board Chairman, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India (SC) seeking to remove 26 controversial verses provided in the Quran. In the petition, Rizvi said that these verses were added later after the compilation of the Quran. Also, some verses are said to be promoting terrorism, Rizvi said.
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Waseem Rizvi said that after Prophet Mohammad, the first Khalifa Hazrat Abu Bakr, the second Khalifa Hazrat Umar and the third Khalifa Hazrat Usman compiled and released the Quran in book form. Rizvi said that there are some verses of the Quran that promote terrorism. Rizvi accused the three Khalifas that they used their power and added these verses in the Quran. Rizvi also said that terrorists are taking lessons through some verses and their mind is moving towards fundamentalism.
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Grief and anger are being seen in Muslim society against the petition of Waseem Rizvi. Major leaders of Muslim society have strongly condemned and opposed Wasim Rizvi's petition. Maulana Yasub Abbas, the spokesperson of the All India Shia Personal Law Board, said that not a single word or a single point can be removed from the Quran.
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