1.5 km queue at Mahakaleshwar temple in Indore

Indore, Mar 12: On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the temple was shining with glittering lights, where the devotees had started to arrive in the city as early as before a week of the festival. During the Mahashivratri darshan, devotees except for the VIPs walked over 1.5 km of distance to pay homage to Lord Shiva. The administration had deployed around 1000 police in order to keep a check and control incidents of crowding and rushing in the ques.
1.5 km queue at Mahakales 
However, as a major restriction on the occasion of Mahashivratri, the Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee (MTMC) has prohibited the bhakts of Mahadev from attending the famous Bhasmarti for at least 2 days. The notice included VIPs too, regarding the prohibition about not participating in the Bhasmarti, on Mahashivaratri as well as the following day. According to the committee's decision, Bhasmarti is to be performed only in presence of priests, on both the days.