Jain relics found in Uttara Kannada district

Karwar, Mar 17: Historians have discovered two more Nisadis (memorial stones) dating back to the 12th century at Hiregutti village in Kumta of Uttara Kannada district. This indicated the deep roots of Jainism. Ankola-based archaeologist Shyamsunder Gouda and Dharwad region official R Sejeshwar Naik visited Hiregutti and found two Nisadis at Jaingadde in a private property.
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Hiregutti has many historical relics which have been tumbling out every now and then. In addition to these two Nisadis, other inscriptions belonging to Buddhism and Shaivism were also found here.
The Nisadis were damaged on the top. Though the damage, the inscriptions could be read clearly. One of the inscriptions belongs to Jijanchi Nayak, who happens to be a disciple of Sakala Chandra Siddantha Deva, an ascetic who lived in that age. In the inscription, it is mentioned as Sakata Chandra Siddantha Devara Guddi. The other inscription is of Guppi Basiddi, who is referred as Mangala Maha Sri Sri Sri.
Both the Nisadis have images of ascetics in meditation and women who performed Sallekhana (Purifying the soul by means of starvation till death). The black stone sculpture reflects the laborious effort of the sculptor. These Nisadis belong to the 12th century AD; the age when Kadambas ruled Banavasi and Shishugal Pandyas ruled the coastal region.
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