Mumbai Archbishop to distribute blessed 'holy oils' to their parishes

The Chrism Mass was held on Thursday 18th March at the Archdiocese of Bombay. During this mass, the priests, deacons, and representatives of the entire Archdiocesan community gather around their Archbishop, who blessed the 'Holy Oils' for use in the coming year. However, in the fear of Coronavirus pandemic, all guidelines have been followed during the mass.
Mumbai Archbishop to dist 
The Oil is blessed by the bishop during the Eucharistic Prayer. During the prayer, Bishop said, "Make this chrism a sign of life and salvation for those who are to be born again in the waters of baptism. Wash away the evil they have inherited from sinful Adam, and when they are anointed with this holy oil make them temples of your glory, radiant with the goodness of life that has its source in you."
Regarding the mass, the Archdiocese of Bombay wrote, "The Chrism mass is also a key moment in which the unity of the Bishop with his priests (together, they form the presbyterate) is manifested and renewed. During the liturgy, the entire assembly is called to renew its baptismal promises; deacons and priests also renew their vow of obedience to the local Bishop." 
In the year 2020, a complaint has been filed against Pune based Christian Pastor Silway who claimed that the holy oil cures the Coronavirus. However, Mumbai Archbishop does not claim that this blessed holy oil can cure the virus infection.
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