France to ban 'halal' slaughtering of poultry animals

Muslims opposed the new rule of the France Government against the Islamic way (Halal) of slaughtering. The rule is widely criticized by Muslim leaders ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The new rule says the Islamic slaughter of poultry animals will be banned in France from July 2021.
France to ban 'halal' sla 
Paris Mosque director Chemseddine Hafez, Lyon Mosque director Kamel Kaptane and Evry Mosque director Khalil Maroun have issued a joint statement, in which they said that the French Agriculture and Food Ministry’s circular sends a negative message to the Muslim community in the country ahead of the holy month, TRT World reported.
Besides France, other European countries, like Belgium, have taken similar steps against halal meat. Halal is the Islamic form of slaughtering animals, which involves killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe.
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