Muslims to take Corona vaccine after approval from the religious body

Dar-ul-Ifta Pakistan, one of the county’s top seminaries, has declared vaccination against the novel Coronavirus ‘legal’ and ‘permissible’ under Islamic law, Daily Times reported.
Muslims to take Corona va 
In a press conference, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aide on religious harmony, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, announced a religious decree, under which getting vaccinated against Coronavirus was needed to prevent the ongoing pandemic. The fatwa, according to Ashrafi, was issued with the consent of ulema, muftis, and leading religious scholars of the Dar-ul-Ifta Pakistan.
Maulana Ashrafi added that the fatwa was issued after a series of meetings chaired by the Imam-e-Kaaba, Sheikh Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid, at the International Islamic Fiqh Council in Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, which operates under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
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