Building of a huge Christian cross on a Hindu site sparks row in Andhra

Hindus in Andhra Pradesh expressed displeasure after a huge cross constructed on a Hindu site by local Christians. The site was located at Edlapadu town of Guntur district. The site was identified as Sita Paduka. Local Hindus have been performing marriages on this site for the last many years.
Building of a huge Christ
The local Hindus alleged that the District Magistrate Samuel supported the local Christians to build a huge cross on the Hindu site. Local Hindus alleged that Christians destroyed Sita Maa’s footprints, dug up the entire hill which has a carving of Narasimha Swamy and levelled it to install a huge Cross.
The incident came to light when Hindu leader Sunil Deodhar wrote on his social media profile. He wrote, "See huge illegal Cross in Edlapadu, AP where once footprints of #SitaMaa existed. Carving of Lord Narasimhama exists at back. In Guntur Dist Christian mafias have created havoc. @BJP4Andhra& @friendsofrss protested but the administration tacitly supported. #Encroachment4ChristInAP.”
Sunil Deodhar has posted the following photographs of the controversial site on social media.
Building of a huge Christ 
Building of a huge Christ 
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