MLA Lodha expresses concern about the safety of Hindus living in the Malvani constituency

Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, expressed concern about the safety of Hindus living in the Malvani constituency in Mumbai. During the speech in Maharashtra Assembly, MLA Lodha said that we have heard stories of Hindu atrocities and their fleeing from Assam, Kairana, and Kashmir. But now similar incidents are happening in Chhatrapati Shivaji's Maharashtra.
MLA Lodha expresses conce 
MLA Lodha used the voter list to explain the situation in Malvani. He said that considering the situation of the last five years, the number of Hindu voters in Malvani has decreased by fifteen thousand. On the other hand, the number of Muslim voters has increased by twelve thousand, He added.
MLA Lodha further said that 108 families were living in the Chheda Complex in Malvani for the last five years. All those families were Hindus. However, today, only 7 of them remain Hindus. The remaining 101 families are Muslims. An unauthorized mosque has been set up on the way to the Chheda complex.
MLA Lodha further said that in Maharashtra, Hindus live in fear. Hindu sadhus are killed in the Palghar district. One minister of the Maharashtra Government said that sadhus are 'nalayak' (worthless). I have complained against this. But no action has been taken yet. "Do you dare to say this against any Muslim and Christian clerics?" MLA Lodha said.
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