ASI recovers 36 antiques including of Jain community from the UK, US, Australia

New Delhi, Mar 30: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has retrieved 36 antique items from the UK, the US, and Australia over the last five years, the Union Ministry of Culture and Tourism has said. Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Prahlad Patel shared the details about the recovered antiquities in Parliament and said all the items recovered were given voluntarily by the museums and related authorities. Few of them included were of Jain community.
ASI recovers 36 antiques  
One of them was a metal image of Bahubali, possibly originating from Andhra Pradesh, was returned in the same year. It is currently housed in the Central Antiquity Collection (CAC) section of Purana Qila. Bahubali was the brother of Bharata and son of first Jain Tirthankar Rishabnatha. The other one included a Dwarpala stone sculpture, believed to be from Tamil Nadu, which was returned by Australia in 2020. The CAC section features this too. Dwarpala, meaning door guard, are prominent statues installed at the entrances of places of worship in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain cultures.
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