No direct kiss to 'crucifix' on Good Friday due to Covid 19 pandemic

Experiencing the rise in the cases of Covid 19, Catholic Churches decided to disallow the followers to directly kiss the crucifix on Good Friday. Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, auxiliary bishop of Ranchi, said that we will abide by all Covid regulations, Times of India reported.
No direct kiss to 'crucif 
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Bishop Mascarenhas said that on Good Friday, the church decided to provide paper napkins to the Christians to avoid a direct kiss to the crucifix of Jesus. The believers going to kiss the crucifix through paper napkins and then that will be discarded.
"This year, we have disallowed any direct kiss to the cross. Instead, paper napkins will be distributed to all in advance. Each one present would be permitted to touch the crucifix only with a paper napkin, which they can kiss later. All napkins will be needed to be discarded in special bins kept for the purpose. The used paper napkins will later be incinerated,” Mascarenhas, Bishop Mascarenhas said.
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