Research claims Muslim refugees to dominate Sweden in coming years

Finland's researcher Kyosti Tärvinen claimed that the Swedish would become a minority in their own country in the next 45 years if the rate of settlement Muslim refugees in Sweden remained the same.
Research claims Muslim re 
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Using the standard demographics method, Kyosti Tärvinen claimed that Sweden's natives would become a minority by 2065. Kyosti also said that if the pace of foreign settlers increases in Sweden, then this day can be seen before the scheduled time. Kyosti has also claimed that by 2100, Muslims will have the largest population in Sweden.
Kyosti Tärvinen claimed that the Muslim refugees who are coming at the moment are not able to easily merging in Sweden's society. Instead, they are creating their own areas, which are usually made outlying areas or inaccessible areas.
In a separate study, the Pew Research Center had said Sweden's Muslim population, which was 8 per cent in 2016 could grow to 31 per cent by 2050. Some political groups in European countries including Sweden and Denmark have also called for the deportation of Muslim immigrants, International Business Times reported.
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