Kerala Christians express concern over conversion through interfaith marriages

Christians in Kerala have expressed concern over the conversion of Christian women through interfaith marriages. In a viral video, the narrator said, “A young girl leaves home to marry her lover defying her parents. She’s happy barely for a few minutes before her now-husband reappears in a skullcap and a crisp white kurta-pajama. He takes off her bindi and covers her head with a dupatta. He then teaches what looks like the Quran to a group of people, before he sells off his wife to some people who appear to be terrorists."
Kerala Christians express
On social media profile, the Christian Association and Alliance for Social Action (CASA) post a video along with Malayalam text that reads, “The Left (CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front) and the Right (Congress-led United Democratic Front) are competing to appease jihadists by covertly and overtly justifying the form of terrorism known as love jihad. We should not allow the jihadists to grow in their (LDF’s and UDF’s) shadow. For that, we need to cut down the trees that provide them shelter. Think… act.”
1 Kerala Christians expre 
‘Love jihad’ is a term used for a conspiracy by Muslim men to convert non-Muslim girls in the guise of love. In January last year, the Syro-Malabar Church, one of the largest church bodies in Kerala, issued a statement raising concerns about Christian women being “targeted” through ‘love jihad’. 
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