Muslim cleric carried out 2019 Easter attack in Sri Lanka

A top Sri Lankan minister said that attackers of the Easter 2019 attack belonged to Islamist extremist group National Thawheed Jamaat (NTJ) linked to ISIS. In this attack, 270 people were killed, including 11 Indians.
Muslim cleric carried out 
"Naufer Moulavi was the mastermind (of the Easter bombings)," Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera told reporters. 
Weerasekera said that the cleric was assisted by another person identified as Hajjul Akbar.
The majority Buddhist community has lost trust in Muslims after the 2019 suicide attack. 9.7% of the Sri Lankan population practice Islam. There are thousands of Muslim schools and madrasas that teach Islamic education, and an Islamic university in Beruwala (Jamiya Naleemiya).
On March 14, 2021, Sri Lankan Government has decided to shut down 1000 madrassa across the country. It was found that the Muslim clerics radicalizing the children through madrassa education. Minister Weerasekera had said that the burqa is new to Sri Lanka. Earlier, no Muslim women used to wear burqa. Sri Lanka has had a peaceful coexistence with all religions for long. "These days, some women wear burqa. It poses a grave threat to national security”, the minister said.
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