Germany charges Iraqi immigrant with fundraising for ISIS

A Muslim immigrant from Iraq has been charged on allegations that he raised thousands of dollars for the Islamic State group in Germany. The man came to Germany from Iraq in 2016 during a wave of migration, primary from the Middle East.
Germany charges Iraqi imm 
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German prosecutor said that the man, identified only as Aymen in line with German privacy laws, was arrested in early January on Germany's border with Switzerland as he allegedly was headed to link up with the organization, intending to fight in Syria or elsewhere.
He began to get interested in Islamic State ideology by the end of 2018 and joined the extremist group no later than the beginning of 2020, according to prosecutors. Aymen originally wanting to travel to the Mideast to take part in “armed jihad,” but members of the group told him to put off the plan and stay in Germany to raise funds, prosecutors alleged.
Between June and September 2020, he transferred at least USD 12,000 in multiple transactions to the Islamic State group in Syria and Lebanon.
Prosecutors further said that the funds were used to finance smuggling the women back to the Islamic State group. The money sent to Lebanon was intended to help get Islamic State fighters out of prisons and facilitate their return to the group, prosecutors said.
In Germany, the total number of Muslims is between 5.3 - 5.6 million, according to data released by Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). This suggests that the number of Muslims in Germany has increased by about 900,000 since the survey in 2015.
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