Coronavirus: Varanasi Christians to cremate Covid victims

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Christian community in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh started cremation of Covid victims. Instead of burying, Christian families have decided to cremate the bodies of Covid victims on ghats of the Ganga and taking the ashes in vessels to the graveyard for entombment. As a result, coffins are gone, funerals are mute.
Coronavirus: Varanasi Chr 
(Representative photo: Manorama News)
Due to fear of Covid spread, so far six Christian families took bodies of their kin to the CNG crematorium at Harishchandra Ghat directly from the hospital and cremated them, Times of India reported.
Father Vijay Shantiraj, Secretary of Banaras Christian Cemetery Board, said, “Some people got infected and died of Covid, and their families consulted us since they were not in favor of burying the body. We suggested that the bodies can be cremated and ashes can be buried.”
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