Sudden rise in Covid deaths after Ramazan, no space in Muslim graveyard

After the end of the Islamic holy festival Ramazan, the Muslim community experiencing a sudden rise in deaths due to Coronavirus infections. As a result, an authority of one of the major graveyards in Mumbai has decided to close down due to lack of space for burial. The Wadala Muslim Sunni Kabrastan has put up a hoarding outside, warning people of its closure due to a shortage of land to bury bodies. Presently, this graveyard has 809 graves.
Sudden rise in Covid deat 
(Photo Credit: ANI)
According to ANI report, Mahmood Khan, President of the graveyard said, "Earlier we used to receive around 30 to 40 bodies but now in the times of pandemic this number has increased to around 65 to 70 due to which we are forced to dig out undecomposed bodies from the graves before time."
Presently, the graveyard has nine plots comprising 1,132 graves in which 128 graves are reserved for children and 165 graves are reserved for COVID dead bodies, with space for 839 graves for normal bodies.
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