Muslims attack Buddhist family, case registered under Atrocity Act in Aurangabad

A mob of 20 to 25 Muslims attacked the Kharat family because the family opposed the installation of an Electric DP on the site of a Buddhist temple. The incident took place in Waluj town of Aurangabad District in Maharashtra. The FIR has been filed by the police against ten Muslims.
Muslims attack Buddhist f 
In this attack, an arm of 15-year-old Aditya got fractured while a woman was severely beaten. Another family member Shubham Kharat was also severely beaten. His eyes and shoulders were injured in the attack.
The victim, Shubham Kharat said in the statement that he is living in a Muslim dominated colony. Only four or five houses belong to the Buddhist community. There is a small Buddhist temple in the colony. Some Muslims were attempted to install Electric DP illegally in the temple premises. When we opposed them, many Muslim gathered and attacked us with racial slurs.
Another family member named Lakshmibai Kharat said that we are under fear. Women are afraid to go out. Police should protect us. We expect justice, she said.
Following is the FIR copy-
1 Muslims attack Buddhist
FIR वाळूज घटना-page-002.j
FIR वाळूज घटना-page-003.j
FIR वाळूज घटना-page-004.j 
So far, several incidences of conflict within the Muslim & non-Muslim communities reported in the Aurangabad district. In May 2018, a riot erupted between the Muslim and Valmiki community regarding the water issue. In the Waluj town, Muslims constitute 25.53% while Buddhists constitute 8.72% of the total population.
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