Jain community starts COVID-19 facility at Pawan Dham Jain temple

Joining the fight against the Coronavirus, religious communities across the city have opened their hearts and purses to provide affordable or free treatment. One such religious community has been Jain. The Jain community has started a Covid-19 facility at Pawan Dham Jain temple at Borivali.
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-22 
This centre have so far treated over 2,000 patients with zero deaths. It run on a no-profit-no-loss basis. They charge between Rs 1,000 and Rs 3,000. They also offer pick-up and drop services and shift serious patients to other hospitals. During the first wave of Covid-19, Pawan Dham centre had 127 oxygen beds. They have added 75 such beds this time. About 25 beds are reserved for policemen free of cost.
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