Sarna tribals oppose their converted Christian families

Sarna tribals denied supporting the families who were converted to Christianity due to efforts from Christian missionaries in Chhattisgarh. Some 100 Christians from these families are facing a social boycott by tribal villagers for refusing to follow the Sarna tradition, UCA News reported.
Sarna tribals oppose thei 
The Church on illegally occupied tribal land is converted to ‘Sarna Bhawan’ (pic via twitter @sauravw91)
Sarna Tribals denied access to food, water and other necessities due to refusing to abandon their Sarna faith. Tribals accused that these converted families are taking advantage of Government grants and subsidies dedicated to Sarna followers.
Over the years, Christian missionaries have been accused of creating conflict within the tribal community. Sarna Tribals have claimed that these missionaries dividing the community by introducing Christianity. As a result, some tribals left their Sarna faith which led to tension in the community.
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