Parsi body seeks permission to perform Covid victim's last rites as per their tradition

The Surat Parsi Panchayat Board filed a plea in Gujarat High Court seeking permission to perform the last rites of Covid victims as per the Zoroastrian tradition. The Court of Justice Nirzar Desai issued a notice to the Center and State Government.
Parsi body seeks permissi(File Photo)
In its plea, the Surat Parsi Panchayat Board and its trustee Dr Doodhwala, said it seeks to protect the fundamental right to perform the last rites of community members who died of COVID-19 as per its tradition of Dokhmenashini.
In Dokhmenashini tradition, the body is kept at a height in a structure referred to as a well or tower of silence, to be eaten by vultures, and the remains are left to decompose under the sun, it was stated.
Speaking to PTI, Dr Doodhwala said a total of 180 Parsis have died of COVID-19 so far in the country.
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