Delhi activists allege IMA President Dr John Jayalal promoting religious conversion, court issues summons

A petition has been filed against Indian Medical Association (IMA) President Dr John Rose Austin Jayalal over the allegation of religious conversion of Covid patients to Christianity. Dwarka District Court in Delhi has issued a summon to him, asking him to be present in the court on 31st May.
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The petition was filed by advocate Sanjeev Uniyal and Dhawal Uniyal. The petition sought revocation of Medical Practitioner’s License of IMA President John Jayalal, alleging that the controversial doctor has openly declared his intention of splitting human beings into Christians and non-Christians and converting the latter to Christianity using every available opportunity.
The petitioners also asked the Government to stop all funds to IMA until Dr John Jayalal is removed from his position as President. Dr John Jayalal was appointed as the national president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for the year 2020-2021 at its 95th annual national conference held in December 2020.
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