ASI finds three new caves at Pandav Leni complex in Nashik

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) discovered three small caves at the Pandav Leni complex in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. ASI employee found them while doing pre-monsoon cleanliness work at the complex.
ASI finds three new caves 
Atul Bhosekar, the director of city-based Trirashmi Research Institute of Buddhism, Indic Language and Scripts, said, “These are Buddhist caves carved for the monks and are very small in size. One cell has a rock-cut bed for two monks and another cell has a rock-cut bed for a single monk,” Times of India reported.
Pandav Leni caves are a cluster of 24 caves created between the 1st century BC and 3rd century AD. Later on, in the 6th century, some Buddha images were also added, which makes the caves an excellent example of shifting religious beliefs through time. Said to have been built by ancient Jain Rulers for Jain saints, this is also the spot where the Pandavas are fabled to have spent some of their time.
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