St Paul Cathedral Church preaches online Christianity lessons to children due to lockdown

Chhattisgarh based St Paul Cathedral Church conducted the online classes of Christianity lessons for children this year due to lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Every year 200 children attend the religious classes, but this year, 100 children attended online.
St Paul Cathedral Church  
(St Paul Cathedral, Church of North India, Chhattisgarh)
During the online classes, Church preacher Rajesh Livingston taught children about Christianity. He told children that no matter how much trouble comes, trust in the Lord Jesus. If we believe in God, our courage will increase. This will help to find a way ahead in life, Nai Duniya reported.
Secretary Alisha Masih told that along with the Sunday School children of St. Paul's Cathedral, the children from St. Mathews Church, St. Thomas Church Tilda, Vishwasgarh Church Raigad also took participation. Sunday School President Jai Kiran Prakash said that an online preaching class was inaugurated by Bishop Robert Ali of the Chhattisgarh Diocese, Nai Duniya reported.
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