Converted Christians return to their indigenous faith in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, indigenous Santals who converted to Christianity some years ago have returned to their original faith. These converts alleged that the Church was not supporting them after their conversion. On April 19, families returned to the Sarna faith in the presence of leaders of Santal villages in Niamatpur in the Naogaon district.
Converted Christians retu 
(A photo of a reconversion ceremony posted on social media)
Santal leaders claimed that people from indigenous communities are returning to the old faith as they face negligence and lack of social support, UCA News reported.
The report claimed that Noresh Tudu (not his real name) converted to Catholicism with his seven-member family in 2000. However, they renounced Christianity and returned to the Sarna faith in 2018.
Tudu said, "When I faced a legal case over a land dispute, no one from the Church came to support me. However, some people from my community stood beside me. I decided to return to my traditional faith to be united with my community.”
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