Important takeaways from West Bengal Election 2021

The results of the West Bengal Election 2021 declared on May 2. The ruling party All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) won 213 seats with a 48 per cent vote share while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 77 seats with a 38 per cent vote share. AITC gained 3 seats while BJP gained 74 seats in comparison to the previous Election in 2016. However, the State experiencing bloody violence day by day after the declaration of Election results. This article discussed some important facts on the State’s Muslim community.

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West Bengal Assembly topped in Muslim MLAs count in India
West Bengal Assembly 2021 emerged with more Muslim members than any other State. Total 42 Muslim candidates won the Election. While the tally has gone down as the outgoing Assembly had 59 Muslim legislators. In the 2021 State Election, the winning party AITC fielded a total of 42 Muslim candidates across the State in some Muslim dominated region. However, out of it, 41 won while another one won under a ticket of Rashtriya Secular Majlis Party (RSMP).
Following is the list of the first five assemblies having more Muslim members than any other State.

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Muslim community consolidated their voting with AITC
In the State Election 2016, there were 30 Muslim members from the AITC, 20 Muslim members from the Indian National Congress (INC) and 9 Muslim members from the Communist party of India (Marxist) (CPI (M)). But in the State Election 2021, all Muslim seats won by INC and CPI (M) in 2016 have won by AITC. Sixteen seats out of 20 in Murshidabad, five out of nine in Malda and all nine in Kolkata went to the AITC. According to the census, 51% of Malda’s population is Muslim, and the figure stands at 66% in Murshidabad.
Muslim population rose by 3% in a decade since 2011
As per a report published by the Times of India (TOI) on February 6, 2021, the West Bengal State has over 30,268,985 Muslims, who form 30% of the State's population. Muslims form the majority of the population in three districts: Murshidabad, Malda and Uttar Dinajpur.
District-wise Muslim population

District-wise Muslim popu
Following is the list of districts with Muslim percentage from those 42 Muslim candidates won

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Muslims regained their population status which had before the partition in 1947
If the TOI report considered being true, then Muslims regained the same status just they have before the partition of Bengal in 1947. Before the partition, Muslim constituted 30% of the total population of Bengal.

Trends in Muslim populati
No divide in Muslim votes
Though considerable Muslim percentage in the State, parties who called themselves as Muslim Party got almost zero votes. These parties fielded the candidates in some Muslim dominated region. Not only a single candidate won, but have lost their deposits. Those candidates got less than one-sixth of the total number of valid votes cast in the constituency, his/her security deposit will be lost as per the Representation of People Act, 1951.
Following are the vote shares garnered by the parties: 

West Bengal Election 2021