Muslim dominated village in Uttar Pradesh to follow Sharia law, decides to keep girls away from mobile

During the meeting, Muslim clerics have decided to follow the Sharia Law in a village in Rampur town of Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh. Muslim clerics have decided to tell the residents to follow the Sharia Law in their day to day activities. The clerics also said that the Muslim girls should keep away from the mobile.
Muslim dominated village   
(Photo of a meeting of Muslim clerics in Khempur village of Rampur, Photo Credit: Amar Ujala)
In the meeting of Ulamas and Imams of mosques, it has been decided that the residents should keep their daughters away from mobiles and should follow the Sharia. It has been decided that there will be no DJ playing at weddings, dancing and singing. They called it as a waste of money. It has been also decided that if this is not followed, then that member or family will be excommunicated from society. No one will attend even the weddings or funerals of that family, Amar Ujala reported.
Muslim constitutes 70.02% of the total population of the Rampur town while 50.57% in the Rampur district. Hindu constitutes 28.46% in Rampur town while 45.97% in Rampur district according to Census 2011.