Meerut Health Department urges imams of mosques to ask Muslims to take Covid Vaccine

It is observed that Muslims in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh are not taking the Covid Vaccine. As a result, very low vaccination has been done in the district because Meerut is a Muslim dominated district.
Meerut Health Department  
(Representational Image Credit: The Indian Express)
According to Dr Praveen Gautam, Health Officer in Meerut District, the pace of vaccination in Muslim dominated areas in Meerut is very slow. Taking the names of many localities, he said that the percentage of vaccination is still very low in Islamabad, Shakur Nagar, Tara Puri, Maqbara Diggi, Zakir Colony. Dr Praveen Gautam said that he visited many of these Muslim areas and observed that there is confusion within the community. However, when he tried to clear the confusion, he faced opposition from the community.
To clear the confusion of the people of these areas, the Health Department urged the Muslim religious leaders to ask Muslims to get the Covid Vaccine from the Vaccine centres. The health officials also asked the imams to make the announcement from mosques regarding the vaccination. At the same time, health officials also taking the help of a local political leader named MLA Rafiq Ansari, Member of Legislative Assembly, to convince the people about the vaccination, Nai Duniya reported.