Muslim man traps a girl by introducing self as Hindu, later leaks their intimate videos when she refuses to convert to Islam

In the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim youth introduced himself as a Hindu and trapped a Hindu girl in love. He intoxicated her by giving drugs and made their intimate videos and clicked several photos. Later he started pressurizing her to accept Islam and get married with him. The youth identified as Imran Hashmi who introduced himself as Sonu Shukla.
Muslim man traps a girl b 
(Photo Credit: News 18)
When the girl came to know that the young man was a Muslim, she refused to marry. As a result, the accused started sending their obscene videos and photos to her relatives and acquaintances. Meanwhile, the marriage of the girl was fixed, but the accused sent their obscene photos and videos to her fiancee. So that her fiancee refused to marry. Even after this, the accused blackmailed her by creating a fake Facebook account.
The victim sings bhajans in the local orchestra. There she met the Muslim youth who plays the organ. However, the Muslim youth told her that his name was Sonu Shukla. Later he trapped her in his love. The victim also befriended him as she felt that the accused belonged to the same caste, News 18 reported.