"Allah will save us from Corona," says woman who opposed taking the Covid vaccine in Gujarat

It is observed that in the Juhapura town of Ahmedabad district, Muslims are opposing the Covid vaccination. While the world is struggling for the Covid vaccine, the Muslim community is refusing to vaccinate. Shocking facts have come to the fore when the question was asked why the community is against Covid vaccination.
Allah will save us from C  
A local woman has said that Allah will save us from Coronavirus. One person told that Corona is better than the vaccine. It is also observed that there has been constant negative publicity about the Covid vaccination, Aaj Tak reported.
A non-Government organization (NGO) named 'Saath' has been working along with State's health department to convince the community about the Covid vaccination. The members of the organization are meeting the local maulvis and other Muslim clerics and urging them to ask the community to get vaccinated.