Vatican opposes Italy's draft law against homophobia

The Vatican has opposed a draft law to combat homophobia. The law called the 'Zan bill,' named after Alessandro Zan, a gay legislator of the centre-Left Democratic Party has been passed in the Lower House of Parliament and is currently being discussed in a committee in the Senate.
Vatican opposes Italy's d 
According to the Reuters report, the Vatican fears that the law as written could lead to the criminalization of the Church in Italy for refusing to conduct gay marriages, for opposing adoption by homosexual couples through Catholic institutions, or for refusing to teach gender theory in Catholic schools.
The Vatican has also expressed concern about any type of gender theory that would blur or eliminate the differences between men and women.
The Vatican believes that the law as currently written also violates the 1929 Lateran Pacts, which established Vatican City as a sovereign State and regulates relations between it and Italy.