Discrimination: Online retailer refuses to deliver food in Ahmadiya locality

An online retailer has refused to deliver food ordered online saying delivering food in a locality settled by Ahmadiyas is blasphemous in Pakistan. Ahmadiya community has long complained of discrimination in Pakistan by fellow Muslims.
Online retailer refuses t 
The retailer named Khanam.pk has refused delivery of food in the Chenab Nagar area of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The retailer cancelled the order saying it “can’t deliver to Qadiani areas”. 
“We had received your order. We regret to inform you that we had cancelled your order and we are not delivering to Chenab Nagar as its blasphemous area for us. We can’t deliver to Qadiani areas,” the retailer told the customer.
The word Qadiani is used as a religious slur in Pakistan to refer to Ahmadiya Muslims.