Devotees in Somnath Temple kick out politician who insulted Lord Satyanarayan

Devotees kicked out a political leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) from Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The leader is identified as Gopal Italia. Earlier, he had seen in video insulting Hindu gods, customs and traditions.
Devotees in Somnath Templ 
Gopal Italia has been stopped by the devotees from performing darshan at the Somnath TempleItalia visibly upset with the incident had to return without paying obeisance. Italia even filed a complaint with the police and expressed his anger on his social media profile.
In a controversial video, Italia had said, "We don’t need those who clap like hijras in name of rituals and culture. Some Sadhu will speak nonsense from the stage and we have to clap like hijras?”