Corona is not a disease, it will end only by pleading before Allah, says MP Shafiqur Rahman

Member of Parliament (MP) won from the Muslim dominated Sambhal constituency named Shafiqur Rahman said that Corona is not a disease at all. If Corona had been a disease, it would have been treated in the world, he said.
Corona is not a disease,  
Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman said that the disease was caused by the mistakes of the Government, which would end only by crying before Allah and apologizing. The present Government had tampered with Shariah so much during its seven years in power, which is causing all the sky-high disasters like Carona disease and thunderstorms, he said.
Earlier, MP Shafiqur Rahman came into the news after taking the oath as a Member of Parliament when he declared that Vande Mataram is against Islam and Muslims cannot follow it.
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