Baptism video surfaced, DC asks police to initiate a probe in Gujarat

A video of a purported baptism ritual of a tribal family came into the light in Gujarat's Valsad district. The tribal family is residing in Umargam taluka. The tribal family has belonged to the Baria community. After the knowledge of the incident, Valsad District Collector (DC) Kshipriya Agre asked the police to initiate the investigation.
Baptism video surfaced, D 
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While talking to the Indian Express, Jayesh Baria, General Secretary of the Baria Samaj of South Gujarat, said, “There are over 250 families of Baria community residing in the coastal belt of Dandi village. They are into farming and fishing, while youths are working in industries. A church was built over 40 years ago on the sea shore at Maroli Dandi village and since then over 50 families have converted to Christianity in Dandi village. Once again they have started conversion activities. In the Sunday meeting we objected to such conversions.”
Valsad Superintendent of Police Rajdeepsinh Jhala said, “We have started a probe into the incident after the video went viral on social media. We have come to know that a baptism ritual was carried out in a nearby church and somebody had taken a video that went viral. We will get a report soon and later further actions will be taken.” Umargam Marine police sub-inspector SB Zala said, “The church in the coastal area in the Maroli Dandi area is 50 years old and it is registered. We will identify those who have taken a dip in the pond and will take statements of them as well as the priest seen in the video.”