Christian missionary's conversion activities in tribal areas under surveillance

The Superintendent of Police (SP) in Sukma, Chhattisgarh, has ordered to keep strict surveillance on the activities of the Christian missionaries in tribal areas. In addition, the SP issued a directive to the district police to keep the intelligence network on alert.
Christian missionary's co
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"The Christian missionaries and the tribal Christians are routinely venturing in internal areas of the district and persuading the non-Christian tribals to get converted by enticing and offering them allurement. Owing to this, the situation resulting into a conflict between the local tribals and those converted (to Christianity) can't be ruled out", said the official letter issued by Sukma SP Sunil Sharma.
"Maintain a consistent watch over the activities of Christian missionaries and converted tribals residing in the district and report if any of their acts perceived as suspicious", stated the circular.
"The circular is more as preventive in nature rather than prohibitory. Keeping in view some nearby districts where conflicts were reported owing to religious conversions, I intended such a situation shouldn't arise in Sukma and the social harmony prevails. The police have been asked to gather its own information through their network on religious conversion activities by enticement", said Sharma and added that all have the right to follow their faiths.

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