Tenth-century Jain sculptures found in Telangana

Two rare Jain sculptures, dating back to the Kalyana Chalukyan period in the 10th century, found at Nagapuri village in Cheryal Mandal of Siddipet district in Telangana. The sculptures were found in a damaged condition on a hillock.
Tenth-century Jain sculpt 
(Photo Credit: The New Indian Express)
Archaeologist and Buddhist studies expert Dr E Sivanagi Reddy visited the site after the knowledge from the villagers. He said that one of the sculptures is of the 24th Tirthankara Vardhamana Mahavira seated in a posture of meditation, and the other one is a square slab-like pillar (Choumukh) with a Teerthankara carved on each of the four sides of the pillar.
The Mahavira’s sculpture, measuring 4.5 feet in height, was missing its head, whereas the Choumukh, which was 2.5- foot high and 1.5-foot wide, was broken at the bottom. Sivanagi Reddy also found a brick-wall from the same period, Dr E Sivanagi Reddy said.