Muslim wife pressurizes her Sikh husband & their son for conversion to Islam

A Sikh man alleged that his Muslim wife and in-laws pressured him and the minor son to convert to Islam. He has filed a civil suit in the Chandigarh District Court seeking directions to restrain his Muslim wife and her relatives from forcibly converting him and his minor son to Islam.
Muslim wife pressurizes h 
In his statement, the victim told the court that he is Sikh by religion and by birth, while his wife and in-laws are Muslim. He alleged that his wife and other family members of his wife asked him to get rid of his hair (Kesh). They tried to remove the "KARA" from the hand and insulted his religion by throwing the turban from his head. He further alleged that he was forced to eat Halal Meat instead of Jhatka Meat, The Indian Express reported.
According to his statement to the court, he met a Muslim woman in 2008 while working in Chandigarh. After their friendship, she proposed to him. However, he said no because they came from different religions. But she persisted and promised him that religion will never become an issue. After this, they got married as per Sikh rituals in a Gurdwara at Amritsar in November 2008.
Immediately after their marriage, his wife and in-laws started forcing him to profess Muslim religion and leave the Sikh religion. Expressing displeasure, he initially opted to stay away from his in-laws and went to Delhi, where he stayed from 2008-2011. In August 2012, his wife gave birth to a baby boy. He alleged that from day one of his son's birth, his wife and in-laws tried their best to convert the minor child to Islam, but somehow he safeguarded him.