Saudi to allow only vaccinated & Saudi residents to Hajj pilgrimage

Though several Muslims raised a question on the halal status of Covid vaccination, Saudi Arabia has decided to allow only vaccinated and residents of Saudi for Hajj this year. Saudi denied permission to overseas Muslims.
Saudi to allow only vacci 
Saudi Arabia took the decision due to fear of the spread of Coronavirus infection during the five-day Islamic ritual. This year, Saudi has decided to allow 60,000 residents to participate. The count is very much lower than the regular times. In 2019, some 2.5 million Muslims from around the world participated in the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
Authorities have deployed black-and-white robots to dispense bottles of sacred water from the Zamzam spring in Mecca's Grand Mosque, built around the Kaaba, the black cubic structure towards which Muslims around the world pray. The revered Black Stone in the Kaaba, which is customary but not mandatory to touch during the pilgrimage, is expected to be kept out of reach.