Andhra Pradesh issues precautionary guidelines for Bakra Eid

Andhra Pradesh Government has issued guidelines on the celebration of the Islamic festival Bakra Eid. The festival will be started on the evening of July 20 and will end on the evening of July 21. The Government has put restrictions on religious gatherings in public and religious places.
Andhra Pradesh issues pre 
According to the guidelines, the prayers shall not be performed in Eidgahs or at open places and should be offered in the mosques with 50% occupancy to avoid large congregations. Furthermore, wearing masks is mandatory, and no one shall be allowed without masks due to the gradual rise in the Covid-19 cases across the State.
During the Islamic holy month of Ramzan, it had been observed that sudden rise in Covid cases across the State. But, unfortunately, the people had not followed the guidelines; as a result, more deaths had been reported during this month.
Following are the guidelines –